Does your body feel out of alignment?

Are you finding it difficult to squeeze in time for self-care on top of all your other responsibilities? Are you struggling to get the lasting pain relief?

I hear you and I get it.

When you are in pain, there is nothing more exhausting than playing the time-consuming, confusing, and expensive treatment guessing game.

  • Have you been looking for answers on Google, Youtube, and other online sites?
  • Tried a variety of treatments such as massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic work?
  • All this, only to get minimal pain relief and results that don’t last?

I know you want to get rid of your pain for good. I want that for you too. It’s time to get your life back.

For the last decade, I have been working with people just like you in their day-to-day life.

I teach clients how to use specific tools, techniques, and strategies that result in immediate and sustainable pain relief.

I can help you:

  1. Relieve your pain,
  2. Learn how to manage your own body imbalances, and
  3. Set yourself up for success so that you can work and play injury-free and pain-free.
“With a simple video tutorial and 10-minutes of work on my end, Heidi was able to help me achieve a 50% immediate reduction in pain. And the decrease in pain wasn’t temporary! By continuing to perform the work she showed me, I am almost back to normal and now have a plan for ongoing, preventative maintenance moving forward.” 
Lauren Pawell

“I was looking for tools and techniques that would help me recover the loss of strength in the injured muscle. In addition, I wanted to understand the chain of events that may have preceded the injury, as well as the imbalances that were a result of it. In addition to Heidi’s smiley personality and constant encouragement, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge! I now have the tools, the education and the awareness that I need to continue my active lifestyle.”
Theresa Brady

When you work with me you get:


Convenient, customized, and consistent treatment. . . so you save time.

One-on-one, personalized, and private attention . . . so you work smarter.

Access, accountability, and secure mobile communication . . . so you stay informed.

How the process works

When working with me, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1:

First, we’ll focus on getting you out of immediate pain. We’ll start to identify the underlying body imbalances causing your pain. Then, we’ll work on managing these imbalances using specific tools, techniques, and strategies customized to your unique lifestyle.

Step 2:

Next, we’ll identify the root cause of why you are experiencing symptoms (pain, limited mobility, tightness). This way, we can design your customized and specific 10-minute body maintenance system to achieve your lasting results.

Step 3:

Finally, we’ll work together and integrate easy-to-implement routines and habits designed to support your lifestyle and prevent future injury and pain.

You could continue to Google what to do next, bounce from treatment to treatment, and waste time with trial and error only to get lackluster results…

Or you can decide to take control of your body and pain, immediately, by working with me.

I’ll show you all the shortcuts and proven strategies to:

  1. Relieve your pain immediately
  2. Speed up your recovery
  3. Prevent future injury and chronic pain

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are your services for?

Professionals, business owners and decision makers who need their body to support their daily work and don’t want to waste time and energy trying to figure out what solution will get immediate and lasting results.

Don’t you need to see me in-person to help me get pain relief?
No. I work with clients whose symptoms are a result of repetitive use injuries from working and playing really hard in their life. For example, my clients are frequently professionals and business owners who have symptoms from sitting long hours or athletes performing the same movements over and over. Injury prevention and body maintenance are critical to their success in their businesses, sport, and life.

However, if you are recovering from a recent trauma, serious accident, or a surgery, I recommend visiting a physical therapy clinic. Why? You’ll need a physical examination, assessment, and hands-on treatment.

How do I work with you one-on-one?

I work with groups and individuals remotely, via zoom video meeting, from the comfort of their office or own home. Instead of taking a reactive approach and only treating your symptoms, I take a proactive approach and work to uncover the underlying cause of your pain. Then I take it one step further by teaching you how to replicate these treatment techniques on your own so that you can sustain the gains made.

Do you bill insurance?
No. After a decade of working in the medical industry, I have found that insurance companies are far too challenging to work with and, most importantly, at the end of the day, don’t care much about the patient’s well-being. Likewise, if you are looking for reimbursement from an insurance company, I am not the best fit for you.
Are your services truly personalized and customized?

Yes, your pain is 100% personal. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your pain. I will advise you on how to navigate the roadblocks that are holding you back from getting immediate relief and lasting results. I’ll teach you the science behind the research and show you how to create healthy habits that easily integrate into your daily routine, so you naturally move through your life in aligned andintegrative way.

When do I know it’s time to work with a specialist?

If your body is holding you back from living your life and you are tired of playing the treatment guessing game.

The best way I can help you is with a brief call so that I can better understand your immediate needs and long term visions.

“As a frequent traveler who spends many hours a day on a computer in a variety of different office configurations, my lifestyle and work-style were taking a toll on my body. I was looking for a mobile workstation solution that would help cut down or eliminate my neck, shoulder and back pain. Heidi recommended a mobile standing desk solution that would work in a variety of different locations, from the temporary coffee shop office to a more permanent home office. She also provided additional solutions for making my workspace more ergonomic, wherever I happened to be working.” 
Josh Burns

“I have sat a desk using a computer most of my career. My back and neck muscles have significantly tightened and have resulted in headaches and muscle spasms. Heidi worked to help resolve both my issues, past damage and future damage control. She encouraged me to get a stand-up desk, which I did. She taught me ergonomics at my workstation. Heidi gave me exercises to reverse years of tight muscles and provided me a program to maintain my flexibility and can do it in the comfort of my own home. I am thrilled with my outcome.” 
Julie Heinemann