Getting hung up on which tool and how to use it?

Now that you’ve downloaded the tools guide, you may be looking for customized guidance on which tool(s) to use and how to use them for your specific situation. Maybe you’ve taken inventory of which tools you already own or you are considering buying one or two for maximum gain. Either way, I’d like to help you relieve your pain quickly and effectively. There’s no one size fits all and often it’s the small tweaks that make a huge difference when it comes to HOW to use tools for fast and effective relief.

I have a specific, specialized, and simple solution for you, a 30-Minute 1:1 Tool Tutorial.


Here’s what you can expect from your private, guided and customized session:


Find out which tools are best for your specific pain.

You will gain a deeper understanding of WHICH specific tool(s) to use to relieve your pain symptoms and in WHAT order to use them.

Discover how to use the tools in a way that provides immediate pain relief.

Based on your lifestyle and day-to-day environment, I will teach you HOW to use your tool(s) to release “muscle knots” also known as “trigger points” that cause pain. You’ll likely feel an immediate ease of tightness, tension, and soreness.

Learn how to reduce your risk of chronic pain.

You will learn HOW to sustain your gains and self-manage trigger points. This is important because trigger points cause, mimic, and complicate body imbalances resulting in pain and injury.

  1. After booking your session, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to complete so I can get to know you prior to our scheduled call.
  2. The day of your session, we’ll connect via a video call.
  3. To kick off the call, we will identify and reproduce your most significant and limiting pain.
  4. Then, I will show you how to you use your tool(s) for specific and customized self-trigger point release.
  5. Next, you will use your tool(s) to release your pain symptoms.
  6. Then, we will assess the results and decide on the optimal tool(s) for your on-going maintenance.
  7. Last, we will make sure you have the clarity and confidence to continue your self-care and manage your pain symptoms.

I’m offering these online sessions for $99 at a fraction of the normal cost in-person (normally $399). As a pain relief specialist, I will help you avoid the pain of trial and error and save time and money, so you can hit the ground running quickly…all from the comfort of your own home.

“I was recommended to Heidi after injuring my knee this past summer. I have been very impressed with her ability to communicate and get to the root of a problem as opposed to treating all injuries with the same therapy. She not only educated me as to the injury itself but made sure I know how to improve the healing process every day. I have now incorporated some of the exercises she taught me into my daily routine.”

Ben Sheppard

“Heidi Roberts brings both knowledge and compassion into each therapy session. Her passion for her work and her concern for her clients shows in her work.   I was able to return to my normal routine in half the time because of her expertise.  I would not hesitate to refer Heidi to anyone in need of a Physical Therapist.”

Mary Chamley

“Heidi doesn’t just provide a ‘session’ of pt, she takes an active interest in assessing the problem and educating you as to the various actions you can take to fix it.  She’s interested not only in solving the current problem but preventing future problems as well.  She thoroughly and professionally assessed my heel pain, developed a multi-dimensional plan to deal with it, and also showed me how my day to day work set up was likely contributing to this and other physical issues.  She is a wealth of knowledge and ideas for making life better. I’ve followed her recommendations and they truly work! Easily the most effective and rewarding interventions with a therapist I’ve ever had.”

Ed Price