Is pain forcing you to put your life on pause?

Are you holding back on major life goals or adventures or hobbies because you’re always in pain?

If you spend most of your day sitting, you’re likely suffering from back pain, neck pain, chronic body pain, obesity, heart disease, even depression.

You wonder what it would feel like to truly be pain-free. You’ve tried exercises, stretches, massages, chiropractors, pain pills, and everything in between, but you don’t know how the pain will ever go away, if you’re sitting at your desk working all day.

The Sitting Disease is a science-backed, simple, action-oriented system for sustainable pain relief. In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate pain and prevent injury with a 10-Minute Body Maintenance System
  • Design your workstation to correct physical imbalances and restore healthy posture
  • Accelerate your productivity while working (hint: sitting all day slows down your brain, too!)
  • Get your work day finished efficiently, use the rest of your time for adventures, and sustain an active, pain-free lifestyle

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a 9-to-5-er, or the product of a sedentary life (ahem, Netflix), this book will show you remarkably simple and effective techniques to get the most out of your body, so you can really live.

Save Time & Money, While Optimizing Your Company’s Overall Performance

Your team is incredible! They are a hardworking group of driven, talented, A+ players and you know that the long hours sitting behind a screen is causing long-term damage to your people and the customers they serve.

Let’s optimize your team’s mind-body health with a preventative and proactive approach to their overall wellness so that they continue to perform at their best.

Not only will your team members have this book as a personal guide, but I’ll also deliver my private onsite or online workshop(s) specifically tailored to your team’s head-to-toe physical needs.

My interactive, fun, and motivating workshop series will engage employees, teach skills, and enable the application of skills real time.

These workshops cost way less than the administrative burden of health insurance premiums and ensure the long term success of your team. Here are a few specific benefits these workshops have brought to organizations like yours:

    1. Increased energy + focus
    2. Increased productivity + performance
    3. Increased moral + work engagement
    4. Decreased work comp claims + absenteeism
    5. Decreased turnover + administrative burden

When you place a bulk order of my book, you’ll get my workshop series free as my way of saying thank you.

My real time workshop series take the strategies, tools, and techniques outlined in my book to a whole new level when experienced in the day-to-day environment. The nature of working together live will empower your team to create real change within your organization.

“At Cloud Cap Technology, we are committed to our employees, committed to our community, and committed to a long-term sustainable business in the Columbia River Gorge. For the last two years, Heidi Roberts, DPT, has provided our employees with on-site ergonomic evaluations, group education sessions and manual therapy services. Her professionalism, passion and genuine desire to empower others with the knowledge and tools to prevent repetitive injuries have kept our team happy and healthy for work and life in the Columbia River Gorge. Motion Therapy services have supported our proactive and innovative approach to making the impossible possible.”

Patrick Joyce

Environmental, Health & Safety, Cloud Cap Technology

Bonus Options With Your Bulk Book Order

“Heidi facilitated a short injury prevention course to our small team while on a company retreat. Heidi was not only extremely knowledgeable and passionate about keeping everyone healthy while working in such high-stress work environments, where sitting is the primary posture for extended periods of time, but was also fun and laid back so that everyone felt comfortable and wanted to join in on the class. In the short time we had, she taught our small group exercises and great simple preventative tips that can be done in any office environment to help prevent the common strains associated with our work life. Many of us still continue to utilize the knowledge gained from the class on a daily basis! I highly recommend Heidi and her services to individuals and groups alike.”

Michael Major

Production Designer, Icebreaker

Onsite Workshop Series

When you buy 1,250-2,500 copies of The Sitting Disease, I’ll come to your headquarters and present my onsite workshop series. Your employees will be able to take immediate action by applying science-backed skills and strategies to reduce strain, relieve stress, and prevent chronic pain and injury.

  • We’ll start the day by learning, practicing, and applying skills for proper posture and alignment.
  • Then, we’ll integrate tools and techniques to address imbalances from head to toe.
  • Finally, we’ll wrap up with a powerful strategy, the 10-Minute Body Maintenance System that can be performed anytime and anywhere.

Online Workshop Series

When you buy 100-500 copies of The Sitting Disease, I’ll present my online workshop series so that your employees have the tools, techniques, and practical strategies to reduce strain, relieve stress, and prevent chronic pain and injury.

  • We’ll start the day by learning, practicing, and applying skills for proper posture and alignment.
  • Then, depending on your bulk book investment, we’ll learn the powerful 10-Minute Body Maintenance System or How to use 5 Effective & Portal Tools for YOUR Self-care.

Maximize Your Investment

Want to maximize the value of these one-time workshops? We can discuss ways in which I can provide ongoing, online access to everything I teach during the workshop.

How To Claim Your Free Bonus

  1. First, order The Sitting Disease on Amazon.
  2. Next, Amazon will email you a receipt.
  3. Then, email your Amazon receipt to [email protected] so that I can respond promptly with the next steps.

“I’ve used Heidi for both individual physical therapy and prevention education for my company – Waquis. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but she has a great attitude and energy. I recommend her highly for both individuals and companies looking to educate their workforce on injury prevention.”

Joe O'Neill

President and CEO , Waquis Global