Recently, I had the opportunity to share what’s been happening behind the scenes at Motion Therapy. The inspiration for the interview had a lot to do with the shared belief that in order for all parts of a business to function optimally, wellness in the workplace is critical. For each employee to perform at their best, a healthy mind, body, and spirit are vital. If one part is off-balance, the whole person and the entire team will feel the effect of the weak link.

By providing practical information, accountability, and motivating people in their home, office, and day-to-day environments, I have a deep appreciation for the obstacles people face while trying to balance a hectic work-life blend. These real-time insights have inspired the creation of a book to guide individuals step-by-step through self-management of their body imbalances. By empowering people with the knowledge to transform their lives from living in pain to the realization of their possibility, I believe individuals, businesses, and communities will thrive. Perhaps you have heard the saying:

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” —Hippocrates

At the core of the guidebook is a specific system that utilizes natural movement to relieve pain, correct imbalances, and achieve alignment. To help people sustain their gains and stay accountable to their goals, this guidebook will serve as an essential tool to help ambitious people optimize their health, wellness, and performance while they work and live pain-free.