5 Healthy Reasons to Whitewater SUP

  1. Present Moment Enjoyment. Soak in your surroundings, watch for wildlife, and recount the day’s journey with friends.
  2. Learn How To Fall & Get Back Up. Falling is part of learning, and you will notice less fear around the activities that used to scare you when you experience the satisfaction that comes with learning how to brace, kneel, or fall off your SUP and get back home.
  3. Develop New Skills. River trips accelerate growth, confidence, and adventure while bringing a whole new appreciation for the magic that comes along with stepping outside your comfort zone.
  4. Achieve A Full Body Workout. Recruit all muscles from head to toe and turn on often neglected major joint proprioceptors (sensory receptors in the body that respond to position and movement while turning off pain receptors).
  5. Cure The Sitting Disease. You know it, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is one of my favorite real-time cures for the sitting disease. 

Read about a beginner’s experience here: A newbie navigates rapids on a Wild and Scenic River.

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